Industrial Abrasives for Metal Fabrication and Finishing

Keep your metal fabrication shop performing at its best with world-class industrial abrasives and application support. We’re proud of our history of innovating and revolutionizing the industry to make your job easier, safer and more comfortable – and we’re excited about what’s yet to come. From grinding to polishing and everything between, Cascade abrasives will help you take your shop to the next level, now and in the future.

With cutting-edge technologies powering every product category, there’s a 3M abrasive belt, disc or wheel that can help boost productivity and part quality in your metalworking shop.

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Abrasive Belts

    See 3M abrasives for file belt sanding, high-speed grinding, contour finishing and more.

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Cut-Off Wheels

    Cut through metal quickly and efficiently with one of our Premium or Advanced Series Cut-Off Wheels.

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Fibre Discs

    Browse our selection of fast-cutting fibre discs for weld grinding, beveling and other grinding jobs.

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Flap Discs

    Explore out versatile, user-friendly flap discs for everything from grinding to blending and deburring.

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Grinding Wheels

    Check out our long-lasting depressed center grinding wheels for weld removal and other grinding tasks.

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Hand Pads

    Shop Scotch-Brite™ Industrial Hand Pads for your quick deburring, surface preparation and finishing tasks.

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  • image of nonwoven discs
Nonwoven Discs

    Strip rust and paint, deburr and finish with a nonwoven Scotch-Brite™ Disc for your angle grinder or sander.

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Nonwoven Wheels

    Find the right convolute or unitized wheel for your metal deburring, polishing and finishing needs.

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Power Tools and Accessories

    Complete your system with high-performance 3M power tools — including angle grinders, sanders and more.

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Sanding Discs

    Find the ideal 3M sanding discs for your operation, including discs for metal, composites, wood and more.

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Metalworking Safety

    Stay safe on the job with Speedglas™ Welding Helmets and Systems for eye, face and respiratory protection.

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