Our Services

We Deliver

Cascade offers local delivery on qualifying orders as a value-added service to save our customers on increasing shipping costs. We offer delivery services to the Snohomish, King & Pierce County areas, with some restrictions. Daily deliveries offered to Seattle & King County, Tuesday deliveries to the Tacoma & North Pierce County.  Additionally, we offer weekly deliveries on Thursdays to Snohomish County. Daily UPS shipping is also offered to customers outside of our immediate delivery areas.


We are committed to bringing the most innovative and cost-effective products to our customers. Globalization brings an increasing need to lower costs without sacrificing quality and efficiency. We love challenges and commit all to bringing energetic, dedicated service to our customers. By constantly growing our understanding of the most innovative products with hands on seminars and manufacturer demos, our knowledge is passed on as we personally interact with our customers on a daily and weekly basis.

Process Improvement

We like to take a hands-on approach to helping our customers find solutions that work for their factories. It is common for our sales reps to spend their days getting dirty, counting parts and testing products that might be better suited for their manufacturing process. For one of our largest foundry customers, we recently switched them from using zirconia sanding belts to a premium VSM Abrasives ceramic belt. With only a marginal increase in costs, they were able to double and sometimes triple the amount of castings they could get from their rough grinding process. This is an example of innovation and process improvement that can be brought to your plant or facility with the help of Cascade Abrasives & Supply and our extensive list of reputable manufacturers.